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Upon the sand, upon the bay
"There is a quick and easy way" you say
Before you illustrate
I'd rather state :
"I'm not the man you think I am
I'm not the man you think I am"

And Sorrow's native son
He will not smile for anyone

And Pretty Girls Make Graves
Oh ...

End of the pier, end of the bay
You tug my arm, and say : "Give in to lust,
Give up to lust, oh heaven knows we'll
Soon be dust ... "

Oh, I'm not the man you think I am
I'm not the man you think I am

And Sorrow's native son
He will not rise for anyone

And Pretty Girls Make Graves
Oh really ?
Oh ...

I could have been wild and I could have
Been free
But Nature played this trick on me

She wants it Now
And she will not wait
But she's too rough
And I'm too delicate

Then, on the sand
Another man, he takes her hand
A smile lights up her stupid face

I lost my faith in Womanhood
I lost my faith in Womanhood
I lost my faith ...
Oh ...
18.4.06 21:00

last night.

i cant sleep.i just cant sleep.maybe it's because of i'm alone and he's not here anymore. . .'s always the same.

i'm sure, that i'm going the be awake for the whole night because i can't sleep. i hate i miss him. i want to put myself into his arms. and i want to sleep with my head on his chest so i can hear his heartbeat. we spent a wonderful weekend together and i have to say, that i'm going to miss him pretteh much when i'm on vacation next week. i'm going to think about him every fuckin second. oh my gosh. i miss him just so much right now. i need him.

am i thinkin about him way too much?no. i don't think so. i think it's okay. maybe i'm annoying because i'm just talkin 'bout stuff like that. but you don't have to read if you dont like it. so fu.

last night i had a nightmare. i've got nightmares pretteh often but that one was teribble. i was walking down a street that seemed neverending. i walked and walked and walked. then i saw him at the end of the road. i started running to get him but the faster i ran the less i moved. i cried his name but he didn't regonise me. i tried to touch him but he was way too far away. then everything went black. a cold feeling started to crawl up in my body and i think, i was trembling. then voices told me that i'm going to die because i didn't show him my love enough. that was the end. but then i woke up because he was there and he was holding me. but i wasn't quite sure if the dream went on and is was fuckin scared of my room and the shadows in it. but if he hasn't been there i had been lost.alone with my fear,my fantasy and my emptiness.
18.4.06 00:12

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12.4.06 19:46

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